Lindis Peaks Orchard

For more than 100 years, merino sheep and beef cattle have been farmed at the historically significant Lindis Peaks Station, Central Otago.

In 2018, and driven by the desire to seek alternative uses for their land and water use, landowners Lucy Annan and Simon Maling collaborated with Deep Creek Fruits to invest in the establishment of a significant cherry orchard on a portion of the vast station holdings.

For Lucy Annan, a descendent of the original family which began farming at Lindis Peaks in 1910, horticulture is a significant departure from agriculture and one that provides a secure future for generations to come.




First harvest



Lindis Peaks Station has a natural elevation of up to 400 metres above sea level, making it ideal for premium cherry production. This attribute also means it is less prone to frosts in the critical spring blossoming and fruit-set period. As the station has access to water from the Clutha River, this precious resource is assured for the orchard.

The Lindis Peaks orchard spans 80 hectares in the Lindis Valley.

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